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Jordan's Story

I was given less than 5% chance of living. That’s what the doctor told my mom and dad when my mom was just 4 months pregnant with me. Looking back now it is so evident to my family and I that God had other plans for me. You see, not only did I have major medical issues going on with me that would need special attention, but my parents were also told that I had Downs Syndrome. Several people advised my young parents that I should just be aborted, after all what kind of life did I have to look forward to right? Perhaps that’s what the world thinks but thank God, my parents knew better. They knew that God has a special plan for ALL His children…even me. God used my life to change their minds and hearts and I believe that 32 years later, He is using my life again to change something else…my community. I believe I and others like me can do anything if given the chance.
I love hugging people. I also love cooking with my dad. I make some of the best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever put in your mouth, and just wait until you taste my ice cream. I am so excited to tell you 5 years ago we opened Sweet Jordan's in Paris, TN! This Baked Goodies, Ice Cream & Coffee Shop is none like you’ve probably ever seen before. Most employees will be just like me…special. I have enlisted some of my friends who are just like me in some ways, but we are very much the same in the fact that we have something to contribute to society and our lives have value and meaning. Just like everybody else. So that’s what we’re doing at Sweet Jordan’s, because, you see “sweetness” comes in all forms and fashions and shapes and sizes. I dare you not to smile after getting a big ole’ bear hug from me and others like me and we serve you some of our cookies, breads and ice creams. So, it is my prayer that you will come see me and all of our special team members at Sweet Jordan's! Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope you have a blessed day.
P.S. McKenzie, TN & Dover, TN WE'RE COMING TO YOU SOON! 
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